The Minister’s Letter

The Inauguration of the QUALEB Website by H.E.  Dr. Alain Hakim, the Minister of Economy & Trade

IMG-20150701-WA0008It is a distinct pleasure for me to launch the website of the EU-funded Quality Program at the Ministry of Economy and Trade – QUALEB implemented by the Quality Unit at the Ministry. The main purpose of this website is to provide those accessing the site, whether in Lebanon or abroad, with all the updates concerning quality and excellence issues as well as with everything related to the activities of QUALEB aiming at developing and promoting the private and public sectors, the non-governmental institutions and the civil society organizations.

Quality, nowadays, is no longer considered as a luxury or a choice, it is rather an urgent need that covers all the public, economic and social facilities; the scientific, medical, educational and environmental fields in particular, not to mention the public and private sectors and civil society organizations. The Quality concept is also no longer limited to the good productivity principles that ensure the compliance of the products with the set standards and specifications, but rather it has become more and more comprehensive and actually includes the control and monitor of the production compliancy with international specifications and standards. Moreover, the said quality concept is now covering all types of services as well as political and administrative matters in order to achieve transparency and reach good governance principles.

Consequently, it is crucial that all the private sector institutions and companies adopt a comprehensive Quality Strategy in order to improve their performance, ameliorate the quality of their products and services, and reduce their expenses, so as to increase their competitiveness and raise their exports.

The public sector institutions and administrations must, in turn, reconsider their goals and vision of the future breakthroughs a unified national quality policy and culture as well as through the adoption and implementation of quality systems that will be in the benefit of public interest, will ameliorate performance and productivity and reduce administrative burdens.

Therefore, the Quality Unit mandated to implement the Quality Programme at the Ministry of Economy and Trade has been promoting, since 2004, quality in the public and private sectors, non-governmental institutions and civil society organizations.  In addition, the program, through its third phase spanning from 2012-2015 continues to provide all kinds of support whether technical, advisory or training for the aforementioned sectors, and especially support to the agro-food industries. Moreover, the Quality Unit at the Ministry is continuing to upgrade and implement the Lebanese Excellence Award (LEA) under the high patronage of H.E. the President of the Republic of Lebanon.

To conclude, I would like to invite you all to visit the QUALEB website and its other relevant means of social communication in order to obtain additional information on the programme, as well as to have knowledge on how to contact QUALEB and benefit from its services.

Best regards,


The Minister of Economy and Trade

Alain Hakim, phD

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